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Photoelectric Sensors

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Carlo Gavazzi offers a large range of photoelectric sensors which are used extensively on packaging machinery, automatic door systems, factory automation, and in car washes. Our sensors are available in diffuse reflective, background suppression, reto-reflective, polarized, through beam, clear object detection, and color recognition.

Carlo Gavazzi is a leader in photoelectric sensors for automatic doors and have one of the broadest range of UL325 sensors on the market.

We also offer a range of fiber-optic type sensors for applications where a conventional sensor cannot be used (space restrictions, temperature, atmosphere). Our LD30 Series of Laser sensors feature Time of Flight measurement and provide an analog distance to object value via IO-Link. Our PD30CNB photoelectric sensors features background suppression and a Point Spot light source for increased reliability.

Also included in our range of photoelectric sensors are our VP series optical types. These are ideal for use in level applications. They are available in various housing materials which allow their use in various industrial cleaning solutions.

Product Range


Accessories for photo sensors

IO-LInk Masters

IO-LInk Masters

LD30 Series

Photoelectric sensors with IO-Link

MPF Series

Multiplexed photoelectric amplifiers and sensors for presence detection on automatic doors

PA Series

18mm cylindrical sensor in plastic housing.

PA Series

18mm cylindrical sensor in metal housing

PC50 Series

Sensors in plastic housing

PD112 Series

Long range diffuse sensors

PD140 Series

Photo Sensors for industrial doors and gates

PD180 Series

Through beam sensors in compact plastic housing

PD30 Series

Miniature photoelectric sensors.(Teach mode)

PD30 Series

Miniature photoelectric sensors.(potentiometer adjustable)

PD30ET Series

Miniature photoelectric sensors in stainless steel housing

PD60 Series

Fiber optic sensor in plastic housing

PD70 Series

Photo sensors for door and entrance control

PD86 Series

Polarized sensors in plastic housing

PD98 Series

Through beam sensors in compact plastic housing

PF74 Series

Fork Sensor for Lifts

PH18 Series

Sensors in 18mm compact plastic housing

PM Series

Sensors in plastic housing

S14 Series

High power photoelectric sensors for use in car washes and other harsh environments

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