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Solid State Relays

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Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of solid state relays (SSR’s) featuring direct copper bonding technology for increased life and reliability. SSR’s are used extensively in the plastics, packaging, food processing, and HVAC industries - primarily for temperature control. They are the logical replacement for mercury contactors.

Unlike conventional contactors and relays, solid state relays have no moving parts and as a result, have a very long life. We offer SSRs with zero switching (resistive, capacitive and motor loads), random switching (inductive loads), peak switching (transformers) and analog switching (resistve loads).

Other applications include lighting and pump switching. Furthermore, many of our solid state relays feature horsepower ratings making them suitable for controlling motorized dampers in HVAC control systems - where their long life and noise-free switching make them ideal replacements for mechanical contactors.

Carlo Gavazzi's solid state relays range includes single phase relays up to 125 amps and 3 phase relays up to 75 amps. They are available with both digital and analog inputs (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) Furthermore, we also offer a complete range of SSR's with a built-in heatsink. In addition, we also offer our RGC1S series of solid state relays that provide a partial load loss alarm - perfect for applications utilizing multiple heaters on one relay.

For applications where there are numerous heating zones that need to be controlled and monitored, our NRG multi-zone system is the ideal solution. It can interface via modbus,Profinet, Ethernet IP or EtherCAT direct to your controller and allows switching of the individual zones as well as reading diagnostic information from the relay.

Product Range

NRG Series

Solid state relay solution with real-time monitoring through Modbus

RA2A/RK2A Series

2 pole soild state relays

REC / RGCM Series

3 phase electronic contactors and reversing contactors

RF1 Series

Compact solid state relays up to 25 Amps

RGC/RGH Series

Single phase relays up to 85 Amps with integrated heatsink

RGC2/RGC3 Series

Three phase relays up to 75 Amps with integrated heatsink

RGS Series

Slim line (17.5mm) single phase relays

RHS Series

Complete heatsink kits for single and three phase solid state relays

RM1 / RS1 Series

Single phase relays with front cover and LED indicator for switching AC loads up to 125 Amps/600V

RM1D / RD Series

Relays for switching DC loads up to 100 Amps

RP Series

PCB relays for AC or DC switching

RZ3A Series

Three phase relays for switching loads up to 75 Amps / 600 VAC

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