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Dupline® - the versatile bus for Industrial Applications and Building Automation. Dupline is used for transfering analogue and digital information over distances up to 10 km. It can be used stand-alone or as part of a PLC based control system. There are no special protocols to learn - all modules are simply and quickly configured with a small hand-held device or via our SBTool Software with our SB Web products.

Dupline is used extensively in mining (ventilation, lighting, and conveyor control), elevators (for signal transmission), irrigation systems, water treatment facilities (signal monitoring, control), facility alarm systems, parking guidance systems, and in building automation (temperature and lighting control, security).

Our Dupline Safe is a TUV approved SIL 3 system for monitoring of E-Stops and pull cord switches - especially on long mining conveyor systems. It can be used to identify which switch has been pulled as well as to shut down the conveyor.

Our SB Web utilizes our smart Dupline protocol and is tailored to building automation systems. With it broad range of devices such a light switches, PIR detectors, Lux sensors, analog transmitters and receivers, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and CO2 monitors it is suitable for most building automtion functions. Furthermore, it is easy to interface Carlo Gavazzi's broad range of energy meters thereby allowing energy usage data to be included. The SB web has built in BacNet capability allowing integration of Dupline into your building automation system.

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Dupline for Building Automation

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Dupline Safe

Safety Bus Products

G21 Series

Open board, OEM transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and interfaces

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DIN mount channel generators, transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and interfaces

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DIN mount channel generators, receivers, and interfaces

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