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Carlo Gavazzi's range of switch mode power supplies are available in sizes up to 960 Watts and include many models suitable for use in Class 1 / Div 2 areas. Our power supplies will accept a 120/220 V input voltage and provide a DC voltage output. We offer outputs in 5 VDC, 12 VDC, 15 VDC, 24 VDC, and 48 VDC. A built-in filter is available on some units. For higher currents, our 120 W, 240 W, 480 W, and 960 W versions can be used in parallel mode. Also, some models are available with detachable wiring terminals.

Carlo Gavazzi also offers 3-phase power supplies available in these output sizes: 120 W, 240 W, 480 W and 960 W. They can be powered by either three phases, or two-phases at a slight derating, and are available with an adjustable 24VDC output (some models are also offered in 12 or 48VDC). Other standard features include diagnostic LEDs, power factor correction and power ready outputs, with parallel function on all models except the 120W version.

For applications where you require a lower profile (depth), then our SPM series is the perfect choice. They are available up to 100 W and represent our highest power class 2 supply (91 W).

When space is at a premium, yet performance must not be sacrificed, the SPP Enclosed chassis-mounted power supply, an extremely compact series, is your choice. They are available up to 800 W.

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