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Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of digital panel meters and digital displays (current meters, ammeters, voltmeters, temperature meters and temperature controllers and tachometers) for the OEM, Panel Builder, Instrumentation, and MRO customer. Covering most input types (current/voltage/temperature/resistance/RPM), our digital panel meters are well suited for your display requirements.

The UDM series is a hi-tech modular panel meter family developed to meet your most advanced application needs. The series is available with either a 3 1/2 digit (UDM35) or 4 digit (UDM40) display. It can also be ordered without a display and be used as transducer or signal conditioner (USC).

The UDM series accepts most signal inputs (current, voltage, temperature, tach) and offers an analog output as well as up to 4 digital outputs (relay). Since these are modular meters, outputs can be added at any time in the field. Remote monitoring via a PLC or PC is possible by inserting an RS485 communication module into the meter. In this way many meters can be monitored without adding a lot of expensive analog cards to your PLC.

The UDM40 meter also features a 3-color display allowing at a glance indication of relative operating condition (OK - Green, Caution - Yellow, or Alarm - Red). Furthermore, the UDM40 is also able to handle and correctly display non-linear signals.

Product Range


Current Transformers

DI372 Series

3 Digit Digital Panel Meter in 72mm x 72mm housing

LDM Series

3, 3 ½, and 4 Digit Digital Panel Meters in 48mm x 96mm housing

UDM 35 Series

Modular 3 ½ Digit Digital Panel Meters in 48mm x 96mm housing

UDM 40 Series

Modular 4 Digit Digital Panel Meters in 48mm x 96mm housing

USC Series

Modular signal conditioner

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