kwh meters

Solutions for EV Charging Stations and DC Voltage Monitoring

CARLO GAVAZZI offers EV Charging Meters for monitoring the AC side of DC charging stations. This allows the user to be billed for only the actual energy being used. Our EV Charging meters are available for use with standard current transformers. Furthermore, we offer inline types that measure a line current up to 65 A directly thereby eliminating the cost of current transformers.

With the current surge in electric cars and light rail transit, monitoring of DC Voltage systems is becoming increasingly important to ensure the reliability of the service. CARLO GAVAZZI has DC voltage metering devices and transducers for DC bus monitoring of the voltage, current, power and energy and provide an interface to your managment system. In addition, we can provide our UWP30 which can monitor a network of meters and provide alarming functions on power anomolies by sending out alarm text or emails to maintenance personel.

DC Charging Levels

LevelInput VoltagePower (Max)RegionOutput (Max)