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Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of high quality limit switches perfectly suited for a wide variety of sensing applications. We offer a wide variety of actuating heads and numerous housing sizes in either plastic or metal. Connections are made via a 1/2 inch conduit entry. On request we also offer it with PG13.5, PG11, M20x1.5, or M16x1.5 conduit entry. Various output configurations are available in slow and snap action. Many models also feature force break contacts. Limit switches are frequently used in position detection on doors and machinery and parts detection on conveyors and assembly lines.

Carlo Gavazzi also offers a complete range of safety switches. Cable safety switches are essential for the continuous control of a long line of machines or on conveyor systems. They guarantee the safety of the operator, who is able to immediately stop machinery by pulling on the wire. Key type switches are used to prevent machinery from being started without the key in place. Once the key is inserted, the machinery may be started. Hinge type switches operate when the arm has been moved a certain number of degrees. They are frequently used to stop machinery in the event a door or gate is opened. With manual reset types, once the limit switch has been activated by the actuator arm, the switch may only be reset by pulling the blue rearm button. These types of limit switches are frequently used in mechanical and hydraulic hoists and lifts.

Product Range

PS Series

Safety switches

PS21 Series

Limit switches (30mm wide)

PS21 Series

Miniature limit switches (30mm wide) with side cable entry

PS31 Series

Limit switches (40mm wide)

PS31 Series

Miniature limit switches (35mm wide) with bottom cable entry

PS42 Series

Limit switches (50mm wide)

PS43 Series

Limit switches (60mm wide)

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