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Carlo Gavazzi Enclosures
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Carlo Gavazzi is your Canadian source for ETA enclosures. These high quality enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes - to suit just about any application. From simple enclosures to complete suites, ETA has an enclosure to suit your requirements.Our enclosures are available in steel or stainless steel versions.

For larger enclosures, the ARETA line is the ideal solution. It combines the strength of fully-welded enclosures with the flexibility and ease of shipping of a modular system. This series can be expanded into complete integrated control stations with cabinets, control desks and PC stations.

Product Range

ST Series
Enclosures in metal or stainless steel.

Standard Boxes
Stainless Steel Boxes

Areta Series
Modular control cabinets.

Standard Areta Cabinets
Stainless Steel Areta Cabinets

Areta PC Series
Modular PC cabinets.

PC Cabinets

Areta AL Series
Modular control desks.

Control Desks

Thermal Management
Thermal Solutions

Fans, Heaters, Air Conditioners
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