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April 2015 – CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the expansion of their new 4th Generation TRIPLESHIELD™ CA18CA Capacitive Proximity Sensors with the addition of the new M18 CA18CA Series. In addition to greatly improved immunity to dust, humidity, and electromagnetic interference (EMI), the CA18CA Series includes diagnostic alarms and two LEDs for better reliability and simplified troubleshooting during installation.

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The Carlo Gavazzi TRIPLESHIELD™ design, now in its 4th generation, continues a tradition of providing the best EMI immunity of any capacitive sensor on the market. In addition to improved compensation for dust and humidity, an optional Dust Alarm Output gives an early warning of accumulation on the face of the sensor. The CA18CA Series is designed for harsh environments, providing IP67 and IP69K protection, ECOLAB approval for chemical resistance, and rated to withstand temperatures up to 248║F (120░C). An optional Temperature Alarm Output warns the user if the sensing face surface exceeds 140║F (60░C).

Technical specifications include:

Sensing distance: 2-8mm flush or 3-12mm non-flush
10-40VDC, NO & NC, NPN or PNP, 200mA transistor outputs
IP67, IP69K; NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P, 12
Laser engraved labeling withstands IP69K cleaning
Dust and humidity compensation
Increased temperature stability
Optional Dust Alarm or Temperature Alarm output
Two diagnostic LEDs (green and yellow)

TRIPLESHIELD™ exceeds most standard norms:

Electrostatic discharge (EN61000-4-2): >40kV
Electrical burst transients (EN61000-4-4): ▒4kV
Surge (with 500 ohms) (EN61000-4-5): >2kV
Wire conducted disturbance (EN61000-4-6): >20Vrms
Power-frequency magnetic fields (EN61000-4-8)
- Continuous, 75.9ÁTesla: >60A/m
- Short-time, 759ÁTesla: >600A/m
Radiated, RF, E-M fields (EN61000-4-3): >20V/m

The new CA18CA Series Capacitive Proximity Sensors are available in a vast range of configurations, and are ideal in a variety of applications and industries, including: plastics, agriculture, pellet burning stoves, packaging, material handling, and food and beverage.

The new CA18CA Series and CA30CA Series will replace existing CA18CL Series and EC30 DC Series sensors. For details on cross reference from the old parts to the new series, and discontinuation dates for CA18CL and EC30 DC capacitive sensors, please refer to the attached Discontinuation Notice.

The CA18CA TRIPLESHIELD™ Sensors are cULus and ECOLAB approved, CE marked. For more information on these sensors, please click on any of the links below:

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