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February 2013 – CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce our new and improved CA12CLC Series capacitive sensors with Tripleshield™ technology. The new design features a state of the art microprocessor which improves the overall accuracy and performance of the sensor.

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The new
CA12CLC Series also features several other improvements, including:

A simplified set-up process
A dynamic teach-in option
Increased temperature stability
Standardization of the two LEDs

Popular features carried over from the previous series:

Patented Tripleshield™ technology
High EMC protection
Flush-mounted sensor can be mounted non-flush for increased sensing ranges; 4mm flush, 8mm non-flush
Auto-detect PNP/NPN output
Programmable normally open and normally closed output

The M12 barrel makes the sensor compact enough to fit in a variety of applications, while still being robust enough to survive most environments. It’s well suited for applications in the plastic, rubber, glass, and ceramic industries, material handling, and packaging applications.

For more information on the new CA12CLC Series sensors, please click on either of the links below, or visit our website at

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