EM50 Energy Analyzer

July 2020 – CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce the launch of our new EM50 Energy Analyzers. This is an exciting new addition to our well-established and growing range of energy meters and power analyzers, which are targeted to assist manufacturers and end users in monitoring and managing escalating energy costs. The EM50 is a Class 0.5 ANSI C12.20 energy analyzer which can be used for single, two and three phase systems, as well as wild-leg systems. The wide voltage range of EM50 makes it suitable for use throughout North America. It can measure most relevant instantaneous electrical variables and energy consumption with a high level of accuracy.

The EM50 can be used with standard current transformers, Rogowski coils, 333 mV current sensors, and 80 mA current sensors for Measurement Canada versions. It features both Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP communications in each model. Energy consumption can be transmitted via the pulse output, and remote control and alarm are transmitted via a relay output.

EM50 Power Analyser

The EM50 Energy Analyzer can be used in any application where understanding energy consumption trends is required in order to allocate costs, to measure for improvements in energy efficiency, or to monitor load behavior in a facility or even a multi-site company.

The features of the EM50 include:

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