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Carlo Gavazzi offers a complete range of Contactors and Overloads for switching currents up to 900 Amps (600 HP @ 480 VAC). All contactors are available with a wide selection of coil voltages and come standard with built-in auxillary outputs. Interlock and wiring kits are available to turn 2 standard contactors into reversing contactors.

In addition, our range also includes Definite Purpose Contactors up to 50 Amps in 1 pole, 1 pole + shunt, 2 pole, and 3 pole configurations. The 3 pole types can also be configured as reversing starters.

We also offer complete enclosed starters with a choice of plastic or metal housing. Starters are available with none or with a start and stop pushbutton.

Our range also includes Manual Motor Starters up to 100 Amps.

To complete our range, we also offer Miniature Circuit Breakers up to 63 A. Our GMB series is a UL489 approved branch circuit protector while the GSB is a UL1077 approved supplementary protector.

Product Range

CGMS Series
Mini Contactors

Contactors datasheet
Overloads datasheet
Auxilliary contacts datasheet
Coil suppressor datasheet
Interlock datasheet

CC Series
Power contactors up to 900 A

Contactors datasheet
Overloads datasheet
Accessories datasheet

CGP Series
Enclosed Starters

Starters datasheet

GDP Series
Definite purpose contactors

DP Contactors datasheet

GMS Series
Manual motor starters

Starters datasheet
Accessories datasheet

GMB/GMS Series
Circuit breakers for branch and supplementary protection.

GMB (Branch protection)
GSB (Supplementary protection)
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