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Product Range

With the growing cost of fosil fuels, there is a growing demand for alternative energy sources such as solar. Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of products for improving the efficiency and reliability of your solar installation.

Our EOS system is a modular system that allows you to monitor the current, voltage, and power of your individual photovoltaic (PV) string arrays and provides immediate feedback of it's performance to your monitoring system. In addition numerous installations can be monitored through our EOS-BOX or EOS-GATE interfaces.

We also offer our ISGA Series of Grid-Tied Inverters to convert the DC power from the solar panels to either single phase (up to 5 KW) or 3 phase AC power (up to 15 KW). Click for our Inverter Configurator

To round out our portfolio, we also have one of the industry's broadest ranges of Energy Meters and Transducers, Contactors, and Wind Speed Sensors.

Product Range

EOS Array
Photovoltaic monitoring system

EOS Array Datasheet
EOS Array Lite Datasheet
EOS Box Datasheet
EOS Gate Datasheet
Solar Irradiation Sensor Datasheet
Solar Irradiation Sensor (4-20mA Out) Datasheet
Connect to a Live EOS Installation(EOSBOX)
Connect to a Live EOS Installation(EOSWEB)

DSF Series
Surge arrestors for photovoltaic systems

DSF Datasheet

ISGA Series
Solar Inverters up to 5 KW

Inverter datasheet
Inverter configurator

DWS Series
Wind speed and direction sensors

Anemometer datasheet
Wind Direction Sensor datasheet

Energy Meters and transducers
Advanced energy and power analyzers

Overview Brochure

CC Series
Power contactors up to 900 A

Contactors datasheet
Overloads datasheet
Accessories datasheet

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