More than 80 years of solutions
Carlo Gavazzi was a man who saw a future in automation in the days when it was seen by most as pure science fiction. The history of the business is a fascinating story of innovation. Today, Carlo Gavazzi's products are installed in a wide variety of state-of-the-art, hi-tech products and processes all over the globe.

More than 80 years of growth
From our earliest days in Milan, Italy, Carlo Gavazzi is now present in markets all over the world. Twenty years ago Carlo Gavazzi achieved leadership in the European industrial automation market and today we have factories or offices in sixty-four countries from the Pacific Rim in the East to the United States in the West.

Borrowing on our experience in industrial automation, our Parking Guidance system inherits the same attention to quality and reliability. This innovative system saves time and reduces stress for drivers by leading them to free parking bays by the shortest possible route. Furthermore, integrating our parking data into your billing system allows real time access to the status of each parking space which can be used to maximize parking revenues.

Networked Ultrasonic sensors monitor parking bay occupancy, and intelligent displays show the number of free places in the pointing direction, thereby preventing drivers from entering driveways or areas with no free places. The system is completely scalable and can be used within any type and size of parking lot. In spite of the advanced functionality, the system is easy to install and configure.

At the heart of a Dupline Parking Guidance System is the Master Module which provides power and communication to a string of sensors. A string can consist of up to 120 sensors depending on the distance involved. Simply by adding more strings, we can provide a Parking Guidance System for virtually any size parking facility.

Each string will also have a Parking Monitor that accumulates the counts for the string and makes it available to display signs. Furthermore, the Parking Monitor can also communicate with other Parking Monitors in other strings allowing easy display of levels and garage totals.

All Master Modules have a built in RS485 interface (Modbus) which allows connection to our CarPark software for monitoring and statistical analysis.

With a Carlo Gavazzi Parking Guidance System, you have a partner with over 80 years experience in providing leading edge solutions to your automation applications. Carlo Gavazzi has offices around the world so you are assured of local support.

Our system is built on our robust Dupline bus system which has been used in over 150,000 applications world-wide to provide remote communicaton capabilities in tough industrial and mining applications. It brings long sensing distance and excellent noise immunity for worry free operation of the entire system.

A Carlo Gavazzi Parking Guidance System is a completely stand alone system - no separate PC is required for its operation. A PC can be added if you would like to interface to our PGS Software for statistical control and analysis, booking of parking spaces, and remote monitoring. Furthermore, you can also add other monitoring functions to the same communication bus such as door status, energy monitoring, lighting, and ventilation to name but a few.

Carlo Gavazzi also provides a strong interfacing capability to its Parking Guidance System. We provide serial commuications to interface to payment and gate control systems as well as NTCIP interface capability to allow your parking data to be integrated into a larger traffic control program.

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