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The nature of our voltage mains has changed greatly in the last 10 years. With the proliferation of non-linear loads such as inverters, power converters, switch-mode power supplies, and computers, there is a growing concern for the quality of our power sources.

Problems often arise which can cause equipment failure or shutdown resulting in significant costs and loss of production. Power quality problems can result in failure of compensation capacitors, tripping of fuses, over-heating of transformers and motors, failures of electronic equipment, and high neutral currents.

Energy costs are becoming a significant expense in most processes. With increased energy unit costs, decreased generating capacity, and the environmental concerns with the burning of fossil fuels, it is important that companies reduce their electrical consumption.

Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of power quality meters and transducers which give early warning of power quality problems - allowing preventative action to be taken before a major failure results. Most of our products offer relay outputs that can be used to immediately shut down a piece of equipment if a certain threshold is reached. Another option is to connect to your PLC or PC control system to provide plant wide monitoring of power quality using 4-20 mA current signals or via RS485 or ethernet communications.

Carlo Gavazzi also offers a number of software products for monitoring of a network of meters and transducers. This allows at-a-glance viewing of your complete power system.